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Don'T Leave Home Without Your Thrasher Duffel Bag

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One of the many different Thrasher accessories that you can buy if you're a skateboarding enthusiast is a duffel bag. A duffel bag is a hugely versatile accessory, so you can use it for carrying clothing when you travel, carrying your belongings to school or work, or even when you're skateboarding. Thrasher duffel bags are likely available at your local skateboarding shop, as well as from a number of licensed online retailers. Here are some things to keep in mind when you buy this accessory and plan to start using it.

Transporting Your Skateboarding Gear

Don't shy away from using your Thrasher duffel bag to carry the gear that you need for skateboarding. Whether you're visiting a local skateboard park or taking a long ride with friends, your duffel bag can come in handy. For starters, it can be an effective way to carry extra clothing. For example, if the weather is supposed to turn cool later in the day, tossing a hoodie into your duffel bag will allow you to remain comfortable when the temperature drops. You can keep a bottle of water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and even some basic skateboard repair tools in the duffel bag so that you're adequately prepared for anything.

Carrying The Duffel Bag

Thrasher duffel bags commonly have a handle on each side of the zipper to allow you to carry the bag with one hand, as well as a longer shoulder strap that runs from one end of the bag to the other. When you're riding on your skateboard while carrying the duffel bag, it's a good idea to place the shoulder strap over one shoulder, rather than use the shorter handles. Instead of having the bag positioned beside either hip, turn it so that it's against your backside. This way, the weight of the bag is in the middle of your body, rather than on one side where it could affect your balance.

Using The Bag

You might want to consider using your Thrasher duffel bag as a tool for practicing your jumps. These bags are highly robust, so having your skateboard wheels occasionally come into contact with it won't cause any damage. Fill the bag to certain degrees and attempt to jump over it using ollies and other tricks. The benefit of this approach is that if you don't just high enough, your board will compress the bag and you won't be as likely to fall. This is compared to catching your wheels on a curb, bench, or other solid object that will stop the board's progress immediately and lead to a wipe-out.

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