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Child Moving To College: Converting The Empty Room Into A Recreational Hang Out

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As a child moves off to college, you may find that there is a lot of empty space inside of the home. If this is the case, then you will want to convert the room into something that is useful and will be used a regular basis. One idea is to turn the space into a recreational room. This can be filled with all types of games and activities that can be played on a daily basis. Not only will you get to enjoy the room, but your child can use it when they come back to visit from college. Browse through various ideas to see how this room can really come to life.

Billiards Table

The centerpiece of a recreational room can be the billiards table. This table can provide a lot of entertainment through playing various games. There are a variety of tables you can chose from, including a Diamond Billiards Table. These tables have retro designs and different features that make it ideal for a room. Along with the table, you can install a pool stick rack on the wall and add a light to go over the center of the table.

Mounted Television

Add some entertainment in the room, by placing a mounted television against the wall. It's fun to watch a little TV while playing a game of pool and really enjoying the room area. A swivel-mounted television can swing in multiple directions, allowing it to point to any angle in the room. You can connect a streaming box service to the television to play all types of services, including music services within the room.

Wall Recreational Games

The walls of the bedroom are good locations for a variety of games that can be mounted. One of the typical games to chose from is a darts cabinet. Darts can provide a lot of fun in the room and is a great compliment to a billiards table. Along with darts, you can install a miniature wall-mounted basketball hoop to shoot soft balls into.

Classic Arcade Cabinet

Arcade cabinets have a retro feeling and can provide hours of fun within a recreational room. A number of dealers offer these cabinets for sale and you can choose from your favorite types of machines. A number of machines would cost just a few hundred dollars and can provide you with a lot of nostalgic entertainment. You can choose a multi-player cabinet so that multiple people can play against each other at once.

Plan out the room based on the size and space available. For more information, contact companies like Manning Cues.