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4 Bowling Ball Designs Inspired by "The Simpsons"

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After airing more than 27 seasons, the family on "The Simpsons" has gone through their fair share of hobbies. One hobby that has been featured numerous times on the show is bowling. Whether Homer Simpson enjoys a night with his friends, or Marge takes up bowling herself, the sport is often featured in the cartoon. It was even combined with video games to create the arcade title "Simpsons Bowling." If you love the cartoon and its representation of bowling, then you can easily mix both worlds together to have an inspired bowling ball. The following five bowling ball designs are inspired from the Simpsons and a few of them are even officially releases from the Brunswick bowling ball company.

Solid Yellow Balls

The Simpsons family is known for their trademark yellow skin and you can showcase this with a bright yellow ball. Solid colored balls are easy to spot in the ball return and great to follow as they are thrown down the lane. A solid yellow ball can be finished with a glossy texture that almost looks animated as it rolled down the lane. When ordering bowling balls from companies like Brunswick, you can specific the custom weight and hole drills that you want. The inside of the holes can also be finished with a yellow texture to give the ball a solid look.

Name Engraved Balls

In one the very first episodes, Homer presents Marge with a ball that has his own named engraved on it. This simple bowling ball style can be seen throughout many other episodes in the series. You can have the same type of ball design ordered by having your name engraved on the ball of your choosing. Engraving is a great way to customize your ball. The subtle engravings are easy to read and will not impact your bowling skills. You can often choose from multiple fonts, sizes, and name placement. In many cases, the custom name engraving will be placed above the drilled holes on the ball.

The Simpsons Viz-A-Ball Series

Bowling companies like Brunswick are known for their Viz-A-Ball series. This series includes highly detailed images and designs printed right on the ball. The Simpsons have had numerous ball designs released. You can choose from designs based off the whole family or individual characters. For example, Bart Simpson has his own ball that features him riding on a skateboard. The family collage balls feature screenshots and drawings of the family from several episodes.

If you're on a bowling team, then you may consider purchasing each member a Pin Pals bowling ball. This is the team name that Homer and his friends used on the show. The ball design features the Pin Pals logo along with character heads placed on the top of pins. The other characters featured on the ball includes Mr. Burns, Apu, and Moe.

Halloween Balls

Each year, the animated series releases a special episode entitled the "Treehouse of Horror." These Halloween shows often feature a lot of monsters, scary moments, and fun stories. You can celebrate your favorite "Treehouse of Horror" episodes by purchasing bowling balls with Halloween themes. For example, you can purchase a Jack O'Lantern bowling ball that features a pumpkin design. The finger holes are typically drilled out to represent the face of the pumpkin. Other Halloween-inspired balls includes spiders, eyeballs, skulls, and scary monster designs. Cartoon monsters can mix both the world of "The Simpsons" and Halloween into one ball. 

When shopping for balls, ensure that you are ordering the proper weight and that the holes are drilled for the correct hand. Watching episodes of the show can also help you find more inspiration before you buy Brunswick bowling balls.