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3 Reasons Every Woman Should Carry A Pocket Knife & Tips To Ensure It Complies With State Laws

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Under 10 percent of pocket knife owners in the United States are women, and if you are one of the women who don't own one, then you are missing out on a great tool that comes in handy in many situations. A great type of knife to carry with you in your purse or pocket is a folding knife. Why? A folding knife with a safety lock feature will stay folded up well in your purse or pocket to keep you safe when you are not using it, and it is legal to carry with you in most states. Here are just a few of the numerous reasons why a pocket knife is a must for not just every man, but also every woman to own. 

1. You Can Stop Using Your Kitchen Knives for Tasks They Weren't Designed For

You likely face many instances when you need a knife around the house, and if you don't have a pocket knife, you may end up reaching for those kitchen knives. You may use your kitchen knives to open packages sealed with tough packing tape and even to open up those numerous envelopes you get in the mail every week. That is a bad habit that can dull or even damage those knives you spent a pretty penny on. Dull knives also pose a larger safety hazard than sharp ones, because it is surprisingly easier to cut yourself when chopping food with a dull knife than it is with a sharp one. 

When opening that mail or package in a rush, you may also forget to then wash the knife thoroughly before you put it away, and then use it to prepare food. You don't want to chop food with knife that wasn't washed after opening mail or packages, because many hands touch those items from the time they are sent to the time they are delivered to you, and that leads to it being covered in bacteria of all types. 

2. You Will Find Many Uses for It if You Spend Time Outdoors

While a pocket knife is a camping must, you don't have to be an avid camper to find instances outdoors when your knife will come in handy. If you garden, then you may have heard of gardener's knives, but the truth is that your pocket knife can be used for most of the tasks a gardener's knife is used for. If you like to hike or simply explore "off-the-beaten-path" areas outdoors, you also never know if you will face a situation where you become lost and that knife can be used to help you survive until you find your way back to civilization. 

3. It Can Help You Feel Safe

Just having a knife on your person can give you a boost of self confidence in today's crazy world and help you feel safer. It doesn't matter whether you live in the best neighborhood or the worst, you likely have times when your feel a bit uneasy about your surroundings. This may include when walking to the car in the dark after visiting a friend or when driving through that rough neighborhood on your commute to work. Everyone needs a little boost of confidence after reading many of the news headlines that detail the crazy crimes committed. 

Pocket Knife Laws

While it is easy to see how keeping a knife in your home is completely legal, since virtually everyone has kitchen knives they use to prepare food, it is important to know that every state has its own laws regarding knives that are carried with you in your pocket or purse. The good news is that most states are very lax with their pocket knife laws and state that virtually any knife can be kept on you in a concealed location. However, there are a few that limit blade size, and some have various other small rules. You can find a great, detailed list of state knife laws at Knifeup.com, so keep them in mind when choosing your blade size and determining whether you carry your knife around with you or not. 

Currently, just under one out of every 10 women takes advantage of the usefulness of a pocket knife. There are so many uses for one that all men and women really should own one!