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Want To Start Cycling To Get In Shape? 2 Tips For Choosing Your Bicycle And Gear

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Out of all the summer outdoor workouts you can choose from, bicycling can be the most fun and exciting. You can explore your city, meet new friends, and enjoy the great outdoor weather all while shedding pounds and building muscle. Don't let the task of choosing your bike and gear  at a place like Sarasota Cyclery Inc fluster or discourage you from getting out there and riding. At first glance, you may become intimidated when you see the numerous options available, so here are some tips for narrowing down your bicycle and gear choices so you can visit that bike shop and know exactly what you are looking for. 

1. Bicycle Types Made Simple

There are many types of bicycles, but don't let the many choices overwhelm you and leave you confused. Remember that when cycling for exercise, there is not really a wrong choice in bicycle -- you are choosing one you will enjoy using.

However, choosing one you will enjoy the most involves knowing the types, so here is a basic summary of bicycle types often used by casual cyclers:

Road Bike. This type of bicycle earns its name for a reason -- it is designed to be ridden on relatively smooth pavement. These bikes are among the most lightweight of all bicycles, so if you plan to drive to another location to cycle, then you can easily pick up a road bike and throw it in your vehicle or onto a bike-rack and transport it to where you will bike. 

A road bike is perfect for you if you live in the city and will mainly be riding on pavement. If you plan to ride on dirt bike-trails or on uneven ground, then you may want to look into another bicycle designed for off-road riding. 

Mountain Bike. As with the road bike, this bicycle's name gives you an idea of where it is designed to be ridden. There are many sub-types of mountain bikes, but all are designed for off-road riding and are great for riding on any type of uneven surface. Mountain bikes can also be ridden on even pavement, so these bikes are great to choose if you plan to start your bike rides on the street and then travel to an off-road dirt path or other uneven terrain. 

Hybrid Bike. This type of bicycle is designed to be ridden on any type of surface, making it another great choice for beginner cyclers who are not quite sure what type of ground they will end up riding on the most. They differ from mountain bikes, because they are not designed for riding up and down very steep trails or other extreme off-road situations. They are great for riding on pavement and off-road dirt or grass surfaces that are relatively even, though. 

While these three types of bicycles are great for casual bicyclers, most bike shops do carry other types designed for competitive cyclers and children. Some shops even carry bikes with special designs, such as tricycles and tandem bikes. If another type catches your eye when shopping, then go for it as long as long as you know you will be able to ride it where you intend to cycle and it is easy for you to ride.

2. Gear That Will Make Cycling More Comfortable and Enjoyable

Using the right safety gear will help ensure that you stick to your new biking schedule and don't end up having to stop because you injure yourself. The right clothing and accessories will make your riding more comfortable and enjoyable, which are both crucial to any new exercise you want to stick to. 

helmet is a must-have, along with safety reflectors, if you plan to ride when it is dark out. Another important part of your biking gear is a pair of shorts made for cycling -- wearing shorts not made for cycling can lead to thigh chafing that hurts. Throw out your vision of the typical "bike shorts" that you may remember being popular in recent decades that were made of tight, brightly colored spandex. Today's bicycle shorts are typically not pure spandex and made of softer, more breathable materials. They also have padding in the right places that make sitting on a bicycle seat for long periods of time much more comfortable. 

Remember when choosing a new bicycle you plan to begin riding for health and weight-loss that it is important to choose a bike that you will enjoy riding, so you stick to your plan and reach your goals. The right bicycle gear will keep you safe and comfortable while riding. Biking for exercise cannot only help you meet your physical-health goals, but it is a fun activity that you may end up loving so much that you forget you are even getting a workout at all.