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From The Big Screen To The Green: Emulating Golfing Styles From The Movies

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Golfing movies are a rarity in Hollywood, but there are a handful of hits that have gone on to become classics. As you plan to hit the green, you can emulate the styles and designs of your favorite on-screen golfers. By shopping for golf apparel, it will be easy to match the designs and create a definitive look on the course.

Browse through the following five golfing movies below and learn how you can emulate the style portrayed by the stars of each film.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Based off the story of golfing champion Francis Ouimet, "The Greatest Game Ever Played" features some of the more traditional golfing outfits. Shia LaBeouf plays Ouimet in the film, and the main golfing outfit can give you a lot of style and comfort on the course.

The outfit consists of khaki pants with an off-white and lightly checkered button-up dress shirt. A black tie adds contrast to the design and a brown vest is worn over the shirt and tie. While on the course, Ouimet always wore a flat cap, typically in the same color as the vest. Complete the design with simple brown or black golfing shoes.

Tin Cup

After years of playing, Kevin Costner's character Roy in "Tin Cup" likes to keep it casual on the course. Emulating Roy can be easily done at any golf apparel store. One of his trademarks on the course is a white visor. Match this with the company of your choice on the white visor.

For a shirt, a basic polo will do. Roy liked to keep his unbuttoned, but this depends on the course and clubhouse guidelines that you play at. During warmer weather, Roy wears patterned shorts, but for major tournaments, he keeps it simple with a pair of khaki pants.


There are many great characters to emulate in the classic comedy Caddyshack, each one catering to different styles for golfers.

  • Ty Webb (Chevy Chase): Webb's trademark outfit includes white pants with matching gloves, a flat cap, and a dress shirt. Rolling up the sleeves on the dress shirt is his typical style option featured throughout the movie.
  • Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield): Keep it vibrant on the course with an outfit that boasts a large personality. A rainbow colored jacket, sailor's hat, and bright red pants are just a few elements that Al Czervik wore in "Caddyshack." Complete the look with a matching golf bag and vibrant golfing shoes.
  • Carl Spackler (Bill Murray): He's more maintenance man than golfer, but you can still match Carl's look on the course. Keep the sun out with a camouflage bucket hat and add a short-sleeved plaid dress shirt to complete the design. The pants are basic with khakis or shorts worn by Carl in the film.

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Much like "The Greatest Game Ever Player," "The Legend of Bagger Vance" features stars in traditional golfing outfits. Both Matt Damon and Will Smith light up the golf course in stylish apparel. A basic white dress shirt is worn over khakis. Throughout the film, a variety of vests are worn, including one piece vests with raised fabric ridges, button up vests, and full sweaters over a dress shirt.

Instead of flat caps, a lot of the characters in the film wear styled fedoras. Matt Damon's character golfs without a hat for a majority of the film.

Happy Gilmore

It may be hard to get away with wearing a hockey jersey on the golf course, but there are more subtle ways to represent Adam Sandler's memorable character of Happy Gilmore.

  • Small Patches: Iron on a small Boston Bruins patch to a polo shirt to help represent Happy's trademark hockey look.
  • Plaid Shirts: When Happy wasn't wearing jerseys, he was often found in plaid shirts with bold colors like red and blue.
  • Cargo Pants: Instead of straight khakis, represent Happy with a pair of cargo pants. These pants have large pockets and are ideal for holding extra balls or tees.

Watch the movies to get more ideas for outfits from additional cast members or extras in the background. It can help you choose different styles and designs.