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Just A Few Tips For A Beginner Bass Angler Looking For A Good Bass Rod

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There may not be any better pastime than throwing out a lure and trying to catch a fish. There are so many different types of fishing that you can fish almost anywhere in the world and in almost any type of weather. The different types of fishing can take you anywhere from deep sea fishing off the coast of Alaska to fly fishing in the Green River of Utah. Each type of fishing has a different aspect that makes it fun. This article is going to go over how to pick a good bass fishing rod. There is a lot to consider when picking out a good bass fishing rod, so consider this a starting point.


You can pick a rod that has a slow, moderate, fast, or extra fast action. The type of action that a rod has describes how much of the rod deflects or bends when you put pressure on the tip. So a slow rod will bend closer to where your hands are, while a fast action will only bend toward the tip of the rod. If you are fishing for bass, you are most likely going to want a fast to very fast action rod. These types of rods usually give you a little bit more sensitivity. The fast action will also allow you to have quicker access to power to set the hook.


A powerful rod is a simple way of saying that it is able to lift a greater amount. You are going to want to use line that is matched with your rod. If you use a heavy power rod with light line, you will snap your line much easier. The type of area you are in will determine what type of power rod you want. If you are fishing in an area with a lot of thick brush, you will want a more powerful rod.

Fiberglass Or Graphite

You are going to have a few choices to make when you start picking out a rod. You will be able to choose a fiberglass rod, which is usually a little bit more stiff and solid, or a graphite rod, which is usually a bit more responsive. The graphite rods have been known to be easy to cast and manipulate. A fiberglass rod is a great rod for those who plan on fishing with top water crankbait or other types of crankbait.  

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